Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday.... Q and A day!

So I know I am supposed to be only rambling on Wednesdays but you know I have so many questions that never seem to be answered or maybe it's just that I don't like the answers. So anyway I am going to use Thursdays to ask those questions and see if I get any good answers. Please feel free to answer my questions or to ask me and everyone else anything you might want answered.

1. Why do some people always judge others by their shell?  Most people assume I am something I am not just because I do not wear makeup and usually have sweats on.  Ok people first of all I don't wear makeup and I usually wear sweats because my days are filled with cleaning and errands for the most part. Why get all dressed up to do laundry or dishes?!  If I am going somewhere I will dress nice and fix myself up but a normal day I like to be comfortable.

2.  Who is happy about the economics right now?

Well not that I am happy people lost money, jobs or their normal ways of living but it all honesty it did force people to start trying to live within their means.  I mean did we all really think it was ok to be in debt for more then we make in a year?  I am glad it is tougher for people to get credit now because maybe then they stand a chance of making it through their tough times on their own and not come out of it owing someone else.

3. What is the purpose of daylight savings time?

I get that we have longer days when it is nice weather but really who started it and why.

4.Do we have enough reality tv shows yet?

Don't get me wrong I love a lot of them. Survivor is fantastic and I like the Bachelor shows as well.  I am just saying that maybe we should stop making every little BFF show that a spoiled rich kid wants to do.

Ok I guess that's it for now!   Thanks for stopping by and talk to you all soon!


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