Friday, February 26, 2010

Freaky Friday!!!

Ok so I totally forgot about thoughful Thursday yesterday and had so much on my mind I totally messed up!
I never said I was perfect, however, I do come pretty dang close if I do say so myself...NOT!!  Haha just making sure you are paying attention!!
Ok so thoughts going on in my head...

1.  Do you ever wonder how they decide to price things?  I mean seriously does it really cost you anywhere close to $50 to make that teeny tiny cake that you just slapped some icing on?!!

2.  I keep telling myself to stop obsessing over making this bday party perfect but all I end up doing is making myself feel worse for thinking that and adding more stuff to my plate!!  Why do we obsess over stuff that is not so trivial and really will not make or break us in the end?!

3.  I think they need to invent somethings for automobiles such as..
     a. a stun gun for idiots on the road.. you know who you wouldn't hurt them just make them slow       down and get out of your way!
    b. an automatic camera that you can take a picture of those idiots doing the wrong things they running red lights and cutting people off..and then hit button on the camera to instantly send it to the police!
   c.a weatherbug on our dashboard that will warm us of heavy rain or snow coming in time for us to get off the road or change our minds and turn around.

4. Is it just me or do the ice skater outfits get smaller and smaller each year?  I am a woman and I get a little distracted trying to figure out if they have see through material or is that stuff all pieces of's too much to think about when I just want to be watching the skating.

5.  Due to some unfortunate incidents on my cats behalf I now have to replace some dang wooden floorboards in my apartment..Ughhhh!!!  Do you think housing will notice if I just go buy the wood myself and fix it?!!

6. Because of number  5 and a few other reasons I am dying to get out of the Army and get my own dang house that I can do whatever I want with!!  I have even told Mr. M that I am going to dedicate a wall somewhere in a closet that we can punch holes in if we want just because we can..he says this is ridiculous but wait until our 2 teenage girls at the time decide to do something like all teenage girls do he will be thanking me for that wall!!  Haha!!

Ok well I have a ton of things to get done before the bus gets here so I will chat with myself you all later!

Au revoir!!!  <


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