Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ohh Saturday...Ohh Saturday...

Ok so I watched one the Olympic ceremonies today and now have Oh Canada stuck in my head! It really is a quite catchy song I have to say!

So we didn't have a birthday party to go to today...Yes I did say that one whole weekend out of the month we didn't have to go party with some kids!! Yay for us!! So what do we do with our time...road trip!! Waahooooo!!
We decided to go to Mainz. Out of all the city markets and street vendors I have ever been to Mainz is the best I have found. I absolutely love the things they have and absolutely every single one of them once they realize you are American will deal with you!  So first off I have to go to the Kastel and look for a few things I am still missing for DD2's birthday party and then it's off to the markets.
I don't know how they do it but somehow even the same stuff you see over and over just gets better!  I love smelling the soaps they sell. I have bought so many of them I started sending them as gifts to people. Mostly I love all the wooden trinkets. They can make some really cool things out of wood here in Europe.  There were some new vendors today that I had never seen and one had some beautiful wind chimes and the other had some marble things not sure what they are called but I guess you hang them on your wall. I think he was trying to tell us you hang them over a door for luck but not sure. His English was so-so and my German is so-so and so we just said they were gorgeous and moved on.
Once we left the market we decided to take the girls back here to the movies. DD1 had mentioned earlier that they were playing  "the princess and the frog" so we decided to go and take the girls.  For anyone who hasn't seen that movie it is a definite must see!  Not only were the girls enthralled with it but Mr. M and myself couldn't stop laughing and smiling ourselves.  Our famliy gave it a total 5 star rating!
Well we took some photos of scenery on our way so I will upload those and get them on here soon. I can't say it enough that I absolutely love the scenery here in Germany. I have been so bad about taking pictures though so today I told Mr. M if I have to drive everywhere because he is self proclamed horrible driver then he has to take pictures of all the beautiful things we see.  I will update the pics as soon as I can but for now I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and hopefully your scenery is worth looking at as well!


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