Thursday, February 25, 2010

The most fertile month....

So judging from the fact that we have had every weekend this month and even a few week days filled with birthday parties I think it would be safe to say that May is a very fertile month for some people!  I wish I could say it was over too but we still have one more weekend before this month is over with. One more trip to store to get a birthday present in hopes that we are getting something good and they don't end up returning our horrible choice of gifts. That is my biggest you ever have to return birthday gifts?  I know as my the years have gone by and my oldest now 12 yrs old it seems she gets more and more gift cards. Who invented the gift card?  I really need to thank them!  I am always torn on giving gift cards though especially with the younger kids. On one hand they can get whatever they really want but on the other hand they are not exactly fun to open and the looks some kids give when they really don't understand what they just opened can be funny or mortifying!

Speaking of birthday parties...I know I have already talked quite a bit about my youngest girl's party coming up but it just keeps getting so good.  So we swore we were sticking to our deal and there will be no more then 7 kids invited and yet here we are today a few weeks now before the party and the list is right now at 12 total kids..sighhhh!!  I love planning parties and I love trying to find things that are different then anyone else might have had at their parties. I guess I just want the party to be special not only for my little one but also for all the kids attending. Yes I totally admit that I enjoy the process and go so overboard that some might say I was yet again obsessed with it, but I like to say it my day to make a little piece of fairytale come true for some kids.
So I was freaking out since the invitations hadn't made it here yet and then a few days ago they about a huuuge sigh of relief for me!!  So now all I am waiting on is the rest of the party favors I had to reorder since the list grew as I told you before and we are a go!  I still have to try to find someone to make a cake and cupcakes for me and find the best place to have all the balloons blown up without feeling like I am putting gold inside of them.  Why does it cost so much to but air in balloons?  Who decided that it was ok to overcharge people who just want to give joy to kids for some air??!! Really I mean it is air, helium but still just air!!

Ok so here are the invites......

and the back....


Ok I really did think the pic on the back was too cute! Now you all are starting to think "oh heck yeah this woman has totally lost it" and I just have to say "yes I have and I am loving it!"  haha!!
Ok enough birthday for today. I will update more on the party as I get stuff put together.

Thought for the day....How do department stores come to exist and who names them?
Seriously, I would love to know if anyone has an answer for me!
Have a great day everyone!! 


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