Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A good friend day....

Have you ever had one of those days where it started out just right and it totally made your day?  Well today was my good friend day!!

First thing this morning I wake up to a message from a very dear friend in the States. See I had sent her this package last week with some crystal I bought her and her hubby for their anniversary and of course we need to fill the empty space with chocolate and other goodies and she received it yesterday.  She was so excited and kept going on and on about how much she loved everything and how I have to send more more more.  Wow that made my heart feel so good. I mean how much better could your day start out then with a friend telling you how wonderful you and knowing that you made someone smile!  I love to make people smile it's kind of a hobby of mine really.  So that is how my day started and it made the rest of the day fabulous so far as well.

Off to the commisary I went to do a stockpile of all the nonperishable foods we use over and over and over and I am tired of carrying up the 3 floors to my apartment every other week.  So an hour of shopping and matching up coupons to make sure I am getting the best deal I possibly can I am at the register and noone is in line and I scoot right through to the checkout..score again!!  So while unloading my overflowing cart I hear one cashier ask a question of another and I knew the answer..yes sometimes I do know things...so I told him and they were very greatful for the information..score 3!  I get all the groceries unloaded and explain to the bagger that yes my family does eat that much cereal..we really should have stock in General Mills..and I hand over the coupons and saved $34.63..score 4!  I am on a roll today!!!!!!!
Ok groceries now loaded in the truck and off to my favorite coffee shop in the world the Java Cafe in Heidelberg...I should get paid for that addy!! haha  I order my usual  venti white chocolate nonfat no whip latte..iced today..and the girl ringing  me up laughs. What is she laughing about?!  So I look over my shoulder and see my friend who happens to work there and say hello. Apparently she made a funny and I couldn't hear it over the coffee machine..haha on me!!  So we talk for a little bit about the cold weather..sucky..and snow..even suckier...and how I want summer right now and she loves the snow...wierd I know!!   So then I head for home to take all these 25 bags up 3 floors to my apartment but when I get home I realize something...I bought all nonperishables..I don't have to rush and get these upstairs asap!! Yes....score 5!!!
Yes you can all cry for poor Mr. M who is going to come home from work today with a load to take upstairs..waahaaa  booohoooo for him!  Next week is freezer stockpile and I am on my own for that one so he will live!!

Great day so far and it is not even half over!!!  Have a meeting later and hopefully that will end my day with a cherry on top!!  Woohooo for good friends and great days!


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