Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"I lied to all of you and I am so sorry"......

That is all Roslyn had to say last night on The Bachelor: the women tell all!  Why is it that once someone has started a lie they just can't find their way out of it?  Did she seriously think that her bitchy attitude made her look anymore innocent?  I was not surprised with what she said or did but at the same time I could not believe how rude and cunning she was towards Chris.  I did not think any of that was called for and she has had her 15 minutes of fame now so hopefully she will go away now!  Yupp just had to be said..rant over!

So I have been trying to find my niche around here and I have yet to find the place where I most fit in or will fill my days with fun instead of just cleaning and running errands.  I have been to meetings to join groups and other then meeting some really great people I just haven't found my zone.  The one thing about being married to someone in the military is that we move around so much and it usually happens that we meet the people we most click with about a year before we move. Now that last year is always fabulous and all but there has to be an easier way to meet people and get around to making more friends.  I have tried it all and have yet to find anything that works for me. Of course the fact that I am naturally a quiet person may hinder me in some ways but still is there something I am missing?!!

I miss my dear friends I have made over the years and wish so much that I could bring them all together in one place. My life would be perfect if only we could all happen to be stationed at the same place at the same time!
Ok so apparently this turned into a pity party....whooopsie!!  Bottom line is moving around with the military can be a very lonely time for us wives and I just was wondering if maybe someone else had any ways they go about meeting people and could offer any advice!  So how about it folks anyone have any advice for me at all?

Thought for the day.......How do kids always manage to get their way even though we swore we stuck to our guns?  No, you can only invite 7 friends to your bday party...and yet I found myself ordering more party supplies yesterday so she could add a few more friends!!  Wow she got me on that one!!  Haha!!


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