Sunday, February 21, 2010

Soo much to say and soo little room...

Wow what a weekend so far!! It is barely Sunday and I am already exhausted and excited at the same time.  I have busy week ahead of me and some new things I am quite excited about!!

Let's see Friday was pretty productive for me. I had to go to the PX to get DD1 some more Clinique steps..can they make that stuff any more expensive for real??!!!  So while I am in there of course I have to wander over to the Coach isle I mean it's like going to church and not praying if I don't!!  Oh yes I did just say that and sad enough I am totally addicted to Coach it is like my sickness and I can't control my actions seriously!    Anyway so the isles are crowded which really peeks my interest now and as I listen to women saying "OMG I am so getting this one" and "whoa I can't believe how much it is"  I am getting more and more excited as I approach.  I finally get up to the shelves full of Coach everything..bags, wallets, mini skinnys, purses,etc.  my eyes pop out of my head!  Not only are the shelves over flowing with tons of items but they are all on clearance..what??..yes!!!!

Ok so now that I have seen the big red stickers do I walk away and remain calm?  Heck no!!  As soon as I see it..the bag...the beautiful, colorful, conveniently priced bag.  Oh  she is calling my name and as one woman goes to reach for her I snatch her up and smile deviously!!  She is mine now and I will never let anyone else handle her with anything but respect.  Crazy?! Maybe, but ssoooo in love with my new shopping bag.  For those of you who do not have any addictions like shoes, purses, clothes, whatever  you will not understand this and will probably think I am a total freak.  Sad to say I am so addicted it does not matter to me. I have added so many beautiful Coach babies to my collection and I cherish each and every one of them.  Hmmm I think I might just have to have a Coach day where I show off and tell the stories of how all my babies came to live with idea huh?!!  Well to me it is!!  Haha!!

So here is a picture of my new baby I just got in case any of you are interested....
So meet Bonnie.  She is not only vibrant in color but has several handly little pockets for all the incidentals you have while shopping like change, keys, cell phone.

Bonnie is the perfect shopper bag and will be heavily used and loved by me!!
Ok so once I had found my treasure for the day I had to head home to wait for the bus to get DD2. As I get home just in time to grab my cell and keys and head out the door to the bus stop I realize the street where the bus stop is is blocked off. Great!!  They have issues with one of the barriers and have blocked the whole street off. So I try to figure out where to pick up my girl and watch people go frantic trying to fix the problem. It really was quite comical to me.  I finally get DD2 off the bus and head home to wait for DD1 to get home. Once they are both home, grab a snack and get some entertainment we head out. First stop is to IC's house. IC does my hair and does a fantastic job and is one of the sweetest women I have ever met. She truly is a doll and I just adore her!  So I get my hair done and some friendly gossip as we all do and don't even deny it!  Then it is off to dinner with Mr. M and the girls and back home only to find out we missed Survivor...NOOOO!!!  Ok well it was only one show we can catch it online maybe..hopefully..grrrrrrrr!  I hate to miss reality shows you really can get lost since they don't exactly follow a script and then with Survivor you have to wonder who got voted off and why!?!

Ok I told you about my Friday fun and my new baby and even my passion for Survivor it is time for a break now as my fingers are tired!!  Tell you all about Saturday later!  Chow for now!


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