Friday, February 19, 2010


Wow this was a long week and I am so ready for the weekend!

I have been house shopping online just trying to see what there is out there and what kind of a house we might want to look into getting. I never knew what a difference a few thousand dollars can make...Whoa!!!
I found a few very nice looking houses for severely overinflated prices I could not believe. The sad part is by the time you look at all the beautiful way too expensive  houses then you are kind a shaded with all the others you look at.  So I thought I would share some of the crazy priced houses I found online starting with.....

Now this house is fabulously priced at $699,000!  What a steal!!!  Haha!
As long as we are on the ridiculously expensive houses let's look at some great kitchens!  Shall we...



Ok those are pretty great but my absolute favorite one is this one....

Ohhhh how I want to adopt this kitchen!!  I wish I could buy a kitchen and then buy the house around it!
Ok so enough daydreaming and looking at stuff that is waaaay over our budget and just makes me wonder why Mr. M doesn't want to go back to school for a few years to make tons of money to buy me these houses?!!  Ohh yeah  that's right  we figured out a long time ago that we don't care how much money we have as long as we have each other...that is really important in a good marriage and I will take a good marriage over lots of money anyday!

Ok so let's get to the really cool houses I found that are in our budget now. Some of them even have fabulous ammenities like swimming pools, sun rooms and hot tubs..yeehaww!!!

This is one of my fav homes..

Seriously the funky looking walls and shapes are so out of my element and yet I absolutely love them!!

Ok so who doesn't want a fireplace in their kitchen??!  Don't lie to me.. you know love it!! The rest of the house is just as awesome but I don't want to take all day to show you just this house so let's move on shall we..

This one is really nice inside but what exactly were they thinking about the outside?!  I love brick and I don't mind the mixing of different brick with wood or stone but wth?!

Ahhh now this one truly is everything I love and it not only has beautiful landscaping and brick exterior it has cathedral ceilings and even a pool!

I really want a big tub and this one just caught my eye. I love the round tub!!  I could live in there for real!!

Do you just want to blink and make this bathroom in your house?!! OMG I am so in love with this gues bathroom it is breathtaking and elegant and sooo what I need in my house!!

Ok so a coi pond would be fabulous but this one just went over the top!  Isn't it gorgeous?!!

Ok so things that make you go..hmmmm??!!!  First of all why put a dang shelf over your front door?  Secondly why put furniture on said shelf?!! Seriously how do to appologize enough to someone when that falls on their head and lastly do you clean up there?!! How?!

Ok here she is....the one that caught my eye and made me say"hello sexy"!!
Not only is this beauty in our price rang and in the neighborhood we want but it is gorgeous!!
4 bedrooms,3 bathrooms, 3 living areas, game room, mud room, and a pool!  Yeehaww honey I am home!!

Of course I absolutely love the double doors on the front but they will need to be repainted red of course and the outer trim all redone in white. Can you picture it?!!

Oh yeah not only does it have a fabulous pool but also a heated spa!!  Seriously the only thing we will need to work on with this house is installing the outdoor kitchen and updating a few things in the kitchen..sorry no pics of the kitchen it is all white and omg who really wants an all white kitchen?!! Not me!  
Ok so I have shown you some great houses and things I love and a house I am hoping will still be available in 2 1/2 years when we are looking to could happen you never know!!  Haha!!
Well that is all I have for now so stay safe everyone and have a great weekend and I will be back soon to ramble on!! 


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