Monday, March 15, 2010

Being a military spouse......

Sometimes being a military spouse has it bad points. I am not talking about the fact that our husbands can deploy at any time and be gone from us for long periods of time either. I am talking about how it actually affects us as wives. I have thinking about this alot lately simply because losing touch with friends always sucks and especially when it is nothing to do with us.

When we move we all say we will stay in touch and even if we have to move overseas we make sure to put out that effort to stay in touch with the people we treasure as friends and no matter what we do whatever we can to keep those friendships alive.  So when it becomes a one sided friendship..being that you are the only one calling and you are the only one is fair for someone to get upset with you if you suddenly stop?!  How odd is it to say.."well you stopped calling and writing" Ummmm did you have issues with writing yourself or calling even?!  It is sad to lose friends because of distance but I also have learned that the ones that are worth holding onto are always the ones that make sure to stay in touch themselves.

It does hurt to lose a friend or two but having moved to a new place you usually find a few more to replace the ones you lose. I should look at this from a positive point of view as well I guess. I may have lost someone I considered a true and dear friend but I have gained so many other friends in my short time here and I consider myself lucky to have them in my life.  I am shy person and have always had issues with making friends every time we move. I can't help that I am a quiet person naturally and often times people think I am being stuck up or unfriendly but the truth is that I have been with military all my dad was Air Force...and so I have moved around so much that I always found it better to be quiet and sit back and asses the situation and then decide if the people were worth getting to know or not. Maybe that does sound stuck up but I have been hurt more times then I care to remember by hateful people or the ones I call "catty women". 
Now that is a whole other subject..catty women...Seriously now I could care less if you think your kids are better then mine or your house is bigger then mine or your car is better then mine. I am happy for people who have nice things and those who have brilliant kids!  I love to celebrate great things for other people and always encourage others to do what they want to do and cheer them on when they accomplish them.  So why is it that those few "catty women" have to try and take everyone elses glory away?!  I have met some of those since I have been here and if they are reading this now..*hint hint* that is why I never called you back!!

I guess my point I am trying to get across really is that sometimes it is hard being a military spouse simply because friends truly do make your life more enjoyable and it really does hurt when you lose one.  For my friend who has decided to move on with her life and disconnect from our friendship I can only say to you "I am so happy for you and your new life and I hope that you and your family have a very blessed life and I will miss you dearly!"  To the "catty women" out there I say..."Why not try to be happy for others instead of always trying to rub people faces with whatever good you think you have. It is nice to be happy for someone else for their accomplishments and every military spouse deserves good friends so try to be one"

Ok I am done with the philosophy lesson for today!! Haha  you thought I was just a dumb housewife didn't ya"!!  I showed you I could spell big words...**takes a bow** Thank you!

Chow for now!


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