Saturday, March 13, 2010

What a success..can I sleep now....

Today was the day of DD2's birthday party!! Yay for us!  After 3 months of planning and online ordering and waiting on packages and getting scared when things didn't arrive and crafting and running around it finally was here!
The day started out fabulous and so far everything was going right. The party room was ready when we arrived and I had some really great friends help me set everything up. The room looked fantastic and as the kids started slowly showing up they seemed really into all the activities we had planned.  OMG a huuuge sigh of relief to me that we didn't have any incidents and everybody had a great time..whewwwwwwwwwww!
The tables looked great and I was happy how everything turned out!

The girls had fun coloring their pictures which we then laminated and turned into placemats for them.

We added a little sticker to the bottom just as our little thankyou for everyone coming to the party...

It seemed as if everyone had a good time and I can only hope that all the girls went home happy..

I was very happy with how the cake turned wasn't what I had visioned but they did a good job with what they had..

I added the Hello Kitty on top and the candles and the rings on the side of it. I also had ordered the edible icing pictures and wording so I guess I should be happy with it..but I was not we will let that one go for now!!

We had the party and got everything cleaned up..again with some help with some really good friends..I will never knock helpers because they really did help me big time today!!
Mr. M was a doll and not only did the laminating that I had asked him to do..since he knew how the dang thing worked... but he also helped pass out drinks and pizza and round up the girls when we needed them back in the room. All I can say is I married one fabulous party helper..oh well of course he is a good man, husband and provider but today he totally won the award of best party helper ever!!

Ok so party over..we paid the bill..and we were off to a meeting and then a few hours later another Party Lite party!  I really do love their stuff but way too many parties in a row. I am actually looking forward to the Pampered Chef/Tupperware party next weekend just for a break from smelling candles!
Don't get me wrong  I love all that stuff and tend to overspend now matter what it is but then I have a party and all favors are returned...Ok all favors had better be returned..oh ok I am just kidding I don't want you guys to feel obligated to buy anything from my party.Yes I do and you better buy stuff so I can get my free stuff!

Ok so back home with the girls..did I mention I picked up a stray along the way too..haha just kidding my oldest brought a freind home with her to spend the night.  We walk through the door and Mr. M says "hi how was the party? Did you get anything good? Oh I am heading out to meet some guys"  Ummmmm ok then.. I say "yes I got some good stuff and I won the door prize and if you are heading out can you pick some stuff up for me that I forgot"  Hehe

Alright I am totally exhausted and the birthday girl is totally obsessed with all her new things and DD1 is busy with her friend doing whatever it is they are doing..I will go in there in a minute and check on exactly what that is..and I am going to watch some tv and head off to get some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's!! I am almost sure I will sleep dang good tonight!!

Chow for now!


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