Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday!

Oh how I love having a day where everything just falls into place and great things happen!

I had plans to go check out a new store I saw a few weeks ago and took a friend with me. Once we figured out how to get into the parking lot it was fantastic!!  Parking in Germany is a difficult thing to maneuver and especially if you drive a gigantic American SUV. I did very well though and the parking was much better then I had anticipated. We walked all around the store taking in all the yummy smelling foods and stinky fish they had in the store. After picking up a ton of goodies fattening of course we made our way upstairs to what I consider the good stuff. I love it when I find new places to buy things I use or need at a fraction of the price I would if I had to order them online or even buy from the overpriced PX here.  We took our time looking at absolutely everything to make sure we didnt' miss anything good, pouted at the fact that I wish I had known about this place a few months ago and made our way to the cashiers to check out. The cashier we had immediately picked up on the fact that we were American and as such spoke beautiful English to us. Now I know that probably sounds horrible that we did not speak the language of the country we are in but after our curtious German hellos that I have down pat by the way we spoke English. She was probably the most helpful and pleasant cashier I have ever had in all my years being in Germany. We paid for our goodies and out the door we went.  I will be going back there as many times as I possibly can and am greatful for finding it.

Once home then I sat down and ate my delicious sandwich I had bought at the deli and then stamped a few tags..I will show you those when I am done.. and then sat down to check my emails.  A little back story on this..there is a website for our community and you can get all kinds of information or even ask questions of others in the community that you might not have had an opportunity to meet or talk to otherwise on this site. I have received a lot of information from this site and check it daily...well atleast weekly. Ok so on this site there was a request from a nice Frenchman who was looking for American friends and some children to introduce to his children who are trying to learn English he said.  So being the outgoing and crazy person I am I emailed him and today he emailed me back.  I was so pleasantly surprised to learn his family lives in Strasbourg, France a mere hour and half drive from where we live and they even invited for lunch on Sunday. Of course we have plans on Sunday so I suggested next weekend.  I am so excited not only to meet people from another country but to introduce my girls to some other kids from France. They can learn so much from that experience and I am pleasantly excited for the meet and greet.  Not to mention I could use a French update before our trip to Paris next month....I am soo excited for that!!!

So some other thoughts for today are..

I love fish..I never get to eat it since Mr. M is highly allergic to it which sucks..but never the less I absolutely love it!  That said ....why does it stink so bad?! How can someone so yummy and so good for you smell like the bottom of the trash can?!!

I have a love/hate relationship with the dentist!  I hate going to the dentist because I am cursed with horrible kidding teeth are so soft that brushing 3 times a day does nothing for me pretty much. I am sure it doesn't help that I drink coffee and tea a lot as well but I seriously need to go in for a cleaning and yet I don't want to!!!  Why am I so scared of going to the dentist still?!! I am not a child I am an adult and I know better and yet I am terrified to make that call....waaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

I think that they should make a pill for adults that would give us the energy of a 5 yr old!  I would pay big bucks for that pill for real!! Why can they not make that for us?!

There are 4 gyms here in my community and yet I still have yet to make my way into one of them. Well that's not completely true..I went to one and saw it and then walked out and haven't been back since. I work out at home but it is not the same. I keep saying when it warms up I am going to go walking atleast but I really want someone to walk with. I mean I can workout or walk for hours if I have someone to talk to but put my in a gym with nothing more then my Ipod and I will end up leaving after minimum of an hour if that. Why do we as women feel the need to have a buddy to go to the gym?!  Someone told me it was because we know women are mean and we want backup. Backup for what?! We are adults are we afraid of getting beat up after class?!!  Haha

I am totally obsessed with pottery!! Oh I am not kidding at all folks..obsessed is a bad word maybe totally and completely obsessed with it is better. I have so many dishes and bowls and tea pots and mugs and yet I always seem to need more. Is there a limit to how many dishes one can own?!  Of course I always have to be careful of our weight limits with moving with the military but how fair is that anyway?!!  I mean who are they to tell me I can't have too many dishes because they weigh too much?!  Oh now I get it..some General must have decide his wife was collecting way too many dishes and so he mandated a weight limit because of it!! Oh yeah I am going with that story it sounds good!! Baaahaaa I crack myself up sometimes!  Laugh with me not at me friends!!

Ok I will leave you today with one last thought and that is....
    If you could have one wish what would you wish for?

I will answer that one after I think about it and get back with you later!
Chow for now!


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