Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to you......

Well yesterday was my baby's 6th birthday! I spent the entire day trying to make her feel like a princess. She woke up to her favorite muffin for breakfast. I took cupcakes up to her school and had lunch with her and even let her open 1 present with breakfast and 1 when she got home from school. She chose where she wanted to go for dinner as well. She chose our favorite restaurant here in town. Let me show you..
Ok so here Europa!  Our absolute favorite place to go eat at in town!

 Mr. M was so excited she chose it that he didn't even change clothes..he is such a rookie I swear !  LOL

Mr. M's and my favorite part of the meal..salad..yummmmmmmm!

The birthday girl acting silly!  She ate all her schnitzel and some of her pommes...I think she just wanted to be sure she got dessert..Haha!

Here is her can see why she was so excited to get it right?!!  It's called Pinnochio and she even told the woman to be sure he has a big hat  it was quite cute!

Then we got home and it was present opening time!!  Yay my favorite part and DD2 was not shy with the paper it baby rip it away!!

The end results of almost 3 months of ordering online and some of it didn't even show up yet..Ughhhh!!!  Can you tell we had a theme this year?!!  LOL  Her entire room is going to be redone in Hello Kitty. I will have to show that another day we were waaaay too tired after all of the days events to even start on her room.

Ok so now you know how I spent my day making my little princess feel special. Today is the party that I have been planning and anticipating for months now(insert harp music) and finally I get to make a little girls wish come true!! Be back soon with tons of more pics of the party and all the fun we will be having today!

Chow for now!


Cassie said...

Oh how sweet! I'm sure she felt very special after all that attention. (and the presents didn't hurt either!)

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