Friday, March 12, 2010

Ohh what a wonderful feeling..Ohh what a wonderful day....

OMG I can not believe it is finally here!!  Today my baby turned 6...*holding back tears*...and I can not believe she is that old. I still remember the day she born like it was yesterday.  I had so much to do today and somehow had to make time to take the cupcakes up to school for her class. They turned out beautiful by the way and were absolutely yummy!

Aren't they the cutest cupcakes ever?!!  I was so impressed with the toppers that I just might have to order those next year as well! I could not believe how they got all the wording like that on a cupcake...see...

Now how cute is that?!! Someone has way to much time on their hands to come up with stuff like this but I have to say I would soo love to learn how to do that!

So I took the cupcakes up to the school.Now for any of you who have not had a child in Kindergarten and taken cupcakes to the class let me fill you in on some secrets. First of all you walk into the room with cupcakes hidden until you have assesed there is not any danger of being stampeeded. Secondly you announce to the class that they can have cupcakes only when the teacher says they can..haha takes the pressure off of you. Sorry teachers but we are not used to 22 Kindergartners running at us and it scares us..for REAL!!
So I fill all these wonderful little kids up with sugar and then send them on their way to Music. I hope I never have to meet the music teacher I think I might get dirty looks..sorry Mrs. music teacher!! 

So cupcakes were fabulous and delicious and as much as I would love to say all the kids loved them there was one boy...we will call him mouthy..and he had no issue telling me "I don't like this cupcakes it's grouse". Of course I just smiled at him and said "oh I am sorry maybe you should stop eating it then"  to which he said "Nah it will have to do"!  Little kids crack me up!!

Thankyou soo much cake angel for making fabulous cupcakes for me!
Thankyou ebay for making it possible to find super cool things like those toppers to buy!
Thankyou Mr. M for keeping me sane when I wasn't sure I would ever find someone to make them for me!
Most of all Thankyou to all the teachers out there who deal with 22 Kindergartners on a daily basis and still show up for work all truly are sent from heaven!

Tomorrow is the big day..BIRTHDAY PARTY..I am soo excited and totally terrified at the same time!!  I can only hope that DD2 has a fabulous party and that all the girls who are coming have a great time and are glad they came.  For now I will cross my fingers and just make sure I get to the venue early enough to get everything set up and ready!  Wish me luck!

Chow for now!!


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