Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday.... Q and A day!

Yay for thoughtful Thursday!!  I always have these crazy thoughts going through my head and now you all get to experience them as well..Haha did you think it was going to inciteful?

* Why do people think that it is ok to be rude to others and then turn around and get upset when someone is rude to them?!

*When did people become so impatient?!

*Did we all forget to be thankful for what we have?!  We truly are a world of "I wants" and "Why not me's". Where did this come from? Remember when you used to say as a kid "that's not fair" and your mom always said "life's not fair"?  Did we not listen when she said that?!

* Seriously, how do decide who is worth your time and who isn't?!  Why treat the cashier like she is beneath you when you are not better then her. No one has the right to judge anyone else except the ulitmate judge himself!

* I am a total believer in Karma and always try to tell people be aware of what they do, say and their own actions! So when the neighbor who loves to complain about everyone else in the stairwell decides to break housing rules why would you then be surprised that everyone told on you?!! Karma!!!

 Ok this is not really a thought but just an update really on my weekly doings...
Monday I started "Get moving March" and had to slightly change my meal plan so thought I should confess my sins before it really eats me up..haha total pun intended!  So Tuesday night we went out to eat and I did not cook just because..well I just didn't want to. Then last night once again we decided to eat out..mainly because I had been running around since school let out with the girls and we were right by Mr. M's work and a restaurant..coincidence..heck yeah!! I did however have a salad so nana nana boo boo to those who thought I ate bad!! I have however not only done my workouts I commited to but added to them as well...yay me!!

Next on the agenda would be the daily doings of the upcoming party...
So yesterday..hallelujah..I got the not really what I wanted but something had to be done cake ordered and of course after I settled ordered the cake I found a wonderful woman..we will call her the cake angel.. and she is making the beautiful cupcakes to take to school for DD2's actual birthday. As if that wasn't enough to totally make my day I then got a package and it was the last of the party supplies...(insert happy dance here)..I was soo glad they all were here now and I could start working on my projects to finish everything up.
I went ahead and put all the goody boxes is what went into each box...
Here is a pic of all the boxes filled and closed..I still have to put their names on them..
and finally here is pic of the cups I am putting the girls names on them as well..

Ok I know this is not some super duty crafty projects I am dong but that will come later! However, I have to say isn't Hello Kitty adorable! Am I too old to be loving this party and kind of jealous I didn't get a cup for myself?!!
Ok so that is the party update and I will keep you posted as I get the rest done of course. It is 8 days away and I feel like I am moving in slow motion finishing everything off.

Thanks for stopping by today and be sure to come back tommorrow as I am linking up with a fellow blogger for what should be a super fun Friday from now on!!
Chow for now!!


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