Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday!

Do you remember when your first born did all those first things and you were so proud and just had to tell every single person you talked to all about it for the next few weeks?!  Well I had one of those firsts today with my first born, now 12 going on 30, and I am absolutely going to tell you all about it!! Grab the tissue box for those who are like me a cry at everything...seriously hallmark commercials do it to me everytime it's pathetic.
So I chaperoned a field trip for DD1 this morning and it was a really neat experience. We walked from the middle school over to the elementary school and the kids read  short stories that they had written themselves and turned into books with illustrations and all...totally impressed with every single one of the kids in my group!!  So as I watch these oh so in between kids read their little hearts out and interact with the 2nd and 3rd graders I can't help but feel greatful for being a part of it all.  The stories they wrote were fantastic and they all got into reading with emotion and detail and made sure to ask the little kids if they understood big words or not so common words. I was at that time swelling with pride for each and every one of those kids!

As we walked back to the Middle school I kept telling them all how much I enjoyed their stories and that they had done such a fabulous job with the little kids and I could not help but think they probably wanted me to just shut up already but I didn't!! LOL  My heart all swollen with pride for not only my daughter but all of them I was approached by one of DD1's teachers. She went on and on about how DD1 was a fantastic student and such a sweetheart and how smart she was and how impressed she was with all she has done in her class. I was listening to her tell me about how she needs to submit her story to a scholorship committee and how she truly has an artistic gift for writing and art and I can feel my eyes welling up and I am trying so hard to fight off crying...I didn't want to emberass DD1 you know...and I am thanking the teacher for such kind words and finally were back at the school.  I said goodbye to DD1 and told her have a great day and thanked the teacher for allowing me to be a part of the field trip and excused myself. I had things to get done after all like going to my truck and making sure all the kids were inside the school before I let it gooooooo....OOOHHH yes I did!!  I sat in front of the school and cried like a baby  not because I was sad or upset but because I was so proud of DD1 for everything I watched her do at the elementary school to everything that her teacher had told me.  I know I have good kids and always hear that from others but it truly makes a world of difference when it comes from a teacher!! I have the upmost respect for teachers and what they do and how much they deal with on a daily basis and to hear one say such kind and uplifting things about MY daughter was..well it was  cryable! Is that a word?  You know what I mean!

I do not think that anything could bring me down off my high today and I am so glad that I took the time to do that field trip today or who knows if I would ever had heard that from the teacher.  Thankyou teachers for taking the time to share with all of us parents just what you think of our kids and how they are doing seroiusly!  I don't want sugarcoating..if my girl was bad just tell me or else I can't fix it..and if you think they are fantastic then by all means please tell us!!  I am flying on cloud nine right now and NOTHING will bring me down!!!

There they pride and joy, my angels, my babies!!  I truly am blessed and only hope they know how much I adore them!!

A bientot!


Cassie said...

That's so great that you were able to have a proud mommy moment! I participate at school too because the teachers are so much more receptive when they see you often.

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