Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day! Last day of Mania with Mama M


Let me first say " Happy Mother's Day" to all of the moms out there in bloggerville!!
Today is the last day of the mania with Mama M  and I am excited to be writing a letter to my first born!

Dear DD1-
What is there for me to say to you other then my heart swells every time I even think of you, your birth, your existence in my little life!  From the day you were born I was so scared and unsure I even knew what I was doing but you stuck with me and taught me how to love someone so unconditionally and still be able to know who I am at the same time. We have had our shoe polish all over the new recliner and beige carpet...winning essay contests and being recognized for your strengths.  Of all the times I remember from being your mom there are a few that really stick out in my mind.  The first would be when you were about 6 years old and you asked me "Mommy when I grow up will I be fat like you or skinny like your best friend?"  to say that cut me like a knife would be an understatement but I have to say as we all know kids say the darndest things and also they don't mean it like we take it usually. That moment did wake me up and force me to realize that I had let myself go and seriously needed to get into a gym so I do thank you for that even though you probably thought I was just angry about that. Secondly the time you said to me "Mom when I grow up and have a family I will never let my kids act the way I act sometimes to you and dad"  really?!!!  Shocked does not even describe how I felt at that moment.  I told her "I would never change a single thing about you or the way you act and if you do act out it is just being a kid and learning your way through life so don't be so hard on yourself"  Now with all of that said I have to say I adore you and I love your sense of finding yourself and your sense of humor and your willingness to learn and enjoy life as it is and as it comes your way.  You will forever be my first born, my first true taste of motherhood and I will cherish every moment be it good or bad that we have ever had together and will ever have together in our lives.
  I am absolutely and undeniably the most proud woman alive to have you as my daughter and most importantly my first born!  You helped me find my way in life and decide what exactly it was I wanted to do with my life. Years of college and a few degrees later and nothing will ever make me feel as proud as I am of being your mother. Thank you for all you have done for me and my life and for allowing me to be a part of your ever changing life and accomplishments.  To you, my dearest daughter, I say thank you, I love you and I will never stop being amazed with you every single day of my life!


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