Monday, May 10, 2010

Looking for....

I am in need of a new camera since our has apparently decided it's day has come and gone. Of course it decided this while we were on vacay to Paris...fabulous right?!!!  Sooo anywho I am really wanting to get a good camera that hopefully I will not have to replace again in just a few shorts years.  I keep seeing all these different types of cameras and to be honest with you I am totally lost.

I have seen quite a few cameras that sound fantastic but I would love to actually have some opinions from others who have and love their own digital cameras.  Please you all..and I know you all have them because I see your fabulous pics all the time..can you give me any advice or reccomendations at all?!!

These are a few I am really interested in...oh and btw  what is the difference between the DSLR and a non DSLR camera??!

Ok so these 2 are the ones I am really interested in. The Nikon I have actually seen in person and the pics seemed to be good but it also took a lot of blurry movement pics..Is this normal?!!  I know of course a lot of bad pics are user error..oh yes I am gigantic error trust me!!  I do not know much about cameras just that I want them to take really great pics and I don't want to have to do too much or else I will lose interest in the camera really fast!!

Ok so there it is folks. Please help me find a new camera before we head out again on some more travels and end up AGAIN with no pics to show for it!!

Seriously Desperate!!!


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Well, I will claim to know nothing about cameras, because I don't, but my the SLR means you have the capability to switch lenses, so you can interchange lenses as you wish. Did that help!?

family of 4 on the move! said...

Thanks for the info Sara!! That is more then I knew before. I wonder if I could figure out how to change a lense? LOL

Gaile said...

I am NOT a camera geek, but wish I was!
I love the super compact cameras, so I can always have one with me. My best pictures always come from Sony cameras, but I've not yet had a chance to play with a Nikon. The Costco by me is selling a Nikon DSLR camera with the whole kit for like $800 (WOW - too rich for my blood!)
As far as the movement thing, I know a lot of nicer cameras come with a 'sport' setting to capture motion shots. For me, its all about the image stabilizer, which Sony does really really well.

family of 4 on the move! said...

Thanks Gaile!! Yes my last camera had the image stabilizer and I loved it. I seriously would just rebuy the camera that died if I weren't so mad at it right now!

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