Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Brief encounters and lasting memories!

So yestereday Mr. M's sister was to fly in with her 4 newly adopted kids from Russia as well as an assistant from the orphanage to help her get them all home. They ended up having just a short layover here in Germany and so Mr. M headed off to the airport last night to get them and the girls and I waited in anticipation of meeting them all.  We waited and waited and waited and then Mr. M called and asked if I had heard anything to which I said "no" and he again started looking for them. About 2 hours after they should have been home they were finally here and the girls were so excited when they heard the truck drive up.  The front door opens and in comes my SIL and the  helper along with 4 of the cutest darn kiddos I have ever seen.  I am so not kidding ya'll these kids were cute and sweet and shy and a little frazzled which I totally give them and gorgeous!!

They were all tired so he hurredly put the beds together so they could get changed and lay down. We made some cereal for the littlest one and she was so cute but so tired and so out of her element that she wouldn't let SIL even put her down without screaming so I gave up rather quickly on being able to hold her at all.  There were 2 boys and 2 girls and it went in the order of oldest boy then girl then boy then amazing is that?!!!  Did I say how cute and sweet they were?!!  Seriously I offered them a glass of water and you would have thought I was giving them gold...they were so greatful and so appreciative of everything we did for them. It was humbling and adorable at the same time. I can totally see how SIL fell in love with them and just wanted to give them the world.
It took SIL and her hubby 5 years of paperwork and trips back and forth and oodles of money to finally have all 4 sweet, adorable little cherubs here with us in our house to meet for the first time.  Well worth it according to SIL and absolutely a prize for us as well.  I wish them all the best and hope to have many happy years together with our new little neices and nephews.  Welcome to the family you 4!!

Sorry no pics as I said before they were all so tired they headed to bed faster then I could get my camera out but I will share some pics of these gorgeous kids as soon as I get some back from SIL.

My family just got bigger and I could not be more excited and happy about it!!  :)

Have a great day everyone and I hope to hear from you soon....does that tell you I love comments?!! LOL


Mom in High Heels said...

How wonderful!!!! Congrats to your SIL and her 4 new babes!

Dazee Dreamer said...

Congrats to your SIL. I wish her all the happiness in the world.

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