Thursday, July 29, 2010

Catchy titles that make you want to read a blog until....

So I am still fairly new to bloggerville and have thoroughly enjoyed everything that brings to my life. I love having this place to jot down some thoughts that rattle around in my head or share a great time in my life. I love to read about other blogger's lives and even sometimes get some great ideas for myself or my family.  I try really hard to read as many of my following blogs as I can but will fully admit I am not the best at this. I have so many fabulous blogs that I follow that it would take forever to actually be able to read all of them everyday.  I have made a point though to read any blogs where the title really catches my eye. Lately though I have been frustrated with this and just want to put this out..not as a grip really..but more of a helpful suggestion let's say.

If I go to your blog..all excited by your title and so ready to read your fabulous goings on and all...then do us all a favor and make it readable!!!  I will admit I have bad eyes and I squint a lot to read some blogs but some of the blogs I try to read are so unbelievably unreadable it's not even funny!!  I mean do you think that pink letters on a red page are actually readable?!!!  Do I want to read your blog?  Heck yeah!  Do I want to hurt my eyes to try and do it?  Heck naw!!!!  If you want your blog to appear invisible to the naked eye then by all means that is your perogative but do us all a favor then and please put that...somewhere where it is actualy readable...on the top of your blog!!  I mean just a little note that says something like" I blog for me and if you can't read it then tough titty"  You know anything like that would be great so I can stop straining myself and give my eyes a rest.

I am all about beautiful blogs and I absolutely adore some of the designs on the blogs I follow..jealous..yes..totally!!   I love to see pics and all the cool stuff that you all have figured out how the heck to get them on your page...again..jealous..yes..totally!!!   I can't follow you if I can't read your stuff and I won't leave a comment obviously if I can't read your stuff either!  I don't know about ya'll but I for one LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE comments!!!  Did I tell you all that?!!!  I love to read the sweet and sometimes funny or kind even words that are left on my blog!  I adore hearing that you agree with me or don't agree with me..this is real life people I don't think that the whole world will agree with me....and I try to do the same for all of you.

Wow it seems I have had vents lately huh?!! Hmmmmm you know it may have something to do with....nah it's not that!!  Ohhh it might be because...ehhh nope I don't think it's that either!!  Oh well I will figure it out or you all will love me either way..I am so hoping for this one!!  Did I totally make you curious now as to what is going on in my life that I didn't quite tell you?!!  Oh don't worry it will all come out one day but for now I am keeping it to myself.  Curiosity killed the cat and gossip buried it under your favorite chair!!  Yeah  I have no idea ya'll I just made that up!! Haha!!

Have a great Thursday and I will be reading some of you and checking to see if anyone changes their page to readable or not!!  See you back here tomorrow for the fabulous Mama M and her 5QF!!

Ciao for now!!


Dazee Dreamer said...

I totally agree with you. But now I have to go make sure you can read my blog. (yikes) I also am grateful I can "enlarge" the font so I can read some of them. Such small print is hard for my old lady eyes to read.

I can't wait to hear your secret. Let it out. Now I tell ya!!!!

Maranda said...

I've seen blogs like that where you could barely read the font because it was some crazy color! Thanks for putting this out there!

Mom in High Heels said...

I never thought of that. Now that I've looked at my blog, I realize my font is pretty small. I'll have to make it bigger (that's what she said). :)

HRH Mommy said...

Great points and great way to put it. Is it PMS? hahaha!!

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