Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hump day, Happy day,and a special shout out to MIHH

Ok so the heat gave us a short reprieve which we lapped up like a kitten on milk!!  OMG it was so nice for the little time we had after the rain and with all windows on full openness we took full that even a word..openness?!!...hmmm ok well I used it anyway and you know what I meant right?!!  Ok good!!  You are such great readers even when I don't make sense or use crazy words you all just follow along and leave me the sweetest comments!!  I was floored to see all my lovely comments yesterday and I just want to say Thank you to all of you!!!  sooo....Thank you!!!  hehe

So...*looks around* friend...*looks around* the house she wanted!!! hehe  and woohooo,but also shhhhhhhhhhh!!!   We were given a house number and took it upon ourselves to just go over there and all be danged if the door wasn't just unlocked..teeheee...sooo we snuck in and she checked it out and loved it and she told them yes please she wanted it and she GOT IT!!!  Yayyyyyy!!!  She will only be just across the street from me and get this....she has a balcony!! I am in one way sooooooooooooooooooo jealous and in another way so planning all my trips to her house to chill out with a glass of wine on her beautiful balcony!!  Ohhhhh yeah baby....she will find this out eventually!!  LOL
So with her having a house to move into and the other family we were helping getting their house this week we are felling very accomplished with ourselves..*toot toot goes my horn*   I am Fabulous and I keep telling you all that but see ..there is the proof!! I can make wierd things happen and no one knows how but I keep trying to tell you all it's because I am special!! Ok ok stop laughing you know I am special and just don't want to admit it right?!!!  Yeah yeah I am going with that scenario!!

Now with only a few more days in the week and a few more inprocessing things for people to get done I am sure the rest of the week will still be busy and exciting and yet at the same time I feel fantastic after a day of helping others out.  You know when we first moved here we had our sponsor basically dump us in guest housing and move on with his life and if it hadn't been for a few extremely fabulous people we would never have gotten anything done. I swore to never let anyone sit in a hotel room and wish they could do or go anywhere and would be at their beckon call whenever needed and we have done just that and it feels GRRRRRRREAT!!!!!  I do need to give a special shout out to one special fabulously fantastic woman who showed around and told me some things about my new town that really did make a difference in my life...sooo here is to you MIHH!!! *holds up wine glass*  Thank you for being the kind of person you are and sharing your knowledge with me because it truly did make a difference in my life.

This weekend we are headed to the mall and an indoor fleamarket so I can spend hours looking for anything that jumps out at me and Mr. M can entertain the kids as they say repeatedly "are we done yet" "can we leave now" " mom can I get a toy"...yupp been there, done that, got the beer stein to prove it!!  Wish me luck on shopping and hopefully the rest of my week will go by fabulously and fast!!
Have a great Hump day everyone and here is to wishing you all a happy, healthy and fabulous rest of the week!!!


Mom in High Heels said...

Awwww! You're sweet! We've had good sponsors and bad sponsors, and I am ALWAYS willing to share what I know with people. It just makes things easier. So, does this friend have room on her balcony and an extra glass for another person? I'm trying to talk Mr. HH into moving off post, but he won't. He might try to extend here and by golly, if he does, we are moving!

jayayceeblog said...

Exciting news about your friend getting her house -- I'm sure there will be many wonderful conversations on that balcony! Love the flea market. The best way I found to deal with the kids asking for stuff is to give them a budget per kid and they will work it work it work it to make sure they get exactly what they want for every little penny. Sounds like fun!

Dazee Dreamer said...

Yay, sounds like you are going to have some fun times ahead.

Maranda said...

It's so important to help your fellow military families. I don't know why more people don't take the time to help out others. Haven't they ever heard they need to pay it forward?? I'm glad you guys got things figured and and you are able to help other families in need!

Congrats to your friend on the house!

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