Monday, July 19, 2010

Making friends and finally feeling at home!!

Ok so we have a busy and fabulous weekend!  Last week was all about meeting new people and making some grand new friends for us!!  All the time we have been here in Germany I have made a few friends and a lot of acquaintences(we don't hang out really but we get along kind of people). Last week I met 2 new families just coming in and let me tell you how ecstatic I was to find out that seriously we should all be sisters!!  We like the same things, drink the same wine,love to travel, love to shop, put our kids ahead of everything else and are all extremely happily married.  It is hard always moving around and meeting new people and trying to find that one person that you really connect with and know you will spending a lot of time with them and all be danged if I didn't have 2 fabulous women just fall right into my life with in a week of each other!!  To say I was happy would be a total understatement......Fantabulous is more like it!!!  Yes that's my word and you love it!!!

So the usual meet and greets and finding out everything we have in common and we started talking about traveling. I am so excited to start taking trips now!! Not just family trips but we have talked about just us girls trips and that sounds like a much needed break for me and a ton of fun!   We are planning a trip to Poland of course for the pottery and also a trip to London and Paris as girls trips.  Mr. M heard me talking about it and told me to go wherever I wanted and just to give him enough notice so he could be prepared...isn't he a doll?!!!!  Man I love that man!!!  So the planning has started and I will keep you all up to date on all of our fabulous trips when we figure out when we are going to do them.

Saturday we went to the indoor flea market at ROB and honestly it was..mehhhhhh..ok!  Nothing fabulous that caught my eye so we moved onto the I love the mall I mean come on it's a MALL!!!!  We walked around and again had a good time just chatting and walking and looking at stuff. We spent waaaaayyy to much money and laughed while doing it..hehe!!!  When we first got to Germany we saw these beer steins and I wanted one.....BAAAAD!!!!  Well after the first time we saw them we never saw them again until Saturday...ohhhh my eyes lit up and Mr. M said "don't put it down this time or you may not find it again" ...seee  he is AWESOME!!  So I got my is a commemoritive stein with a piece of the Berlin wall on it..fabulously gorgeous and all mine!!!  Yes I did do the happy dance in the store and even the guy selling them was laughing at show for all mall shoppers in the stein aisle!! LOL
Here are some photos of all the great stuff I have bought or been given lately...

Isn't that the most beautiful stein you have ever seen?!!!  Ok I see it as a work of art and a fabulous way to display my piece of the Berlin wall!!

There she is..... my little piece of history on top of the beautiful stein!!  sighhhhh I could sit and look at it all day!!!

I told you before how my fab friend brought me some wine from Armenia right?!! Well here she is..tadaaaaaaaa!!  It's an adorable little bottle isn't it? The cork is sealed on with wax and the wine is actually a sweet pomegranite wine. I am told it is yummy but in no way am I opening this cute little gift so I will just take their word for it.

Along with the Armenian wine I was given some chocolates. I love the writing on the box even though I have absolutely no clue what it says!!  Inside that pretty little box though were dried apricots filled with an almond marzipan filling and triple dipped in dark chocolate...I am drooling just writing that!!  They are heavenly delicious and I have already eaten half the box..whoopsie!!   Anyone going to Armenia and want to get me some more of these?!!  *grins*

So fabulous people have joined my life and I am ever so greatful for that!! It only took me being here a year to finally find the ones that will make my tour here in Germany the best it could be and it was so worth the wait!!  Some fabulous gifts as well as shopping and I am so ready to start our travels now.

What have you been given lately that just made your day?

Do you find it hard to make friends everytime you move and get so excited when you finally find those few that just make you feel at home again?

I hope you all have a fabulous week and I know I will and be back tomorrow for Post it note Tuesday!!


Dawna said...

I'm SO happy for you, Mrs M! I KNOW how difficult it can be with all the moving to really connect with people. One of the parts of military life that I've grown weary with. :-)

I hope the week treats you right!

BIG hugs!

Dazee Dreamer said...

I am so happy for you. It would be so hard to live in a different country and not have someone like yourself. Awesome!!!

Chris said...


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