Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mayday..Mayday..coffe down..I down!!!!!!

Ok so today was supposed to be a chill day with just a few errands to run then home to relax and read a new magazine I picked up at the mail room....but......
As I gather all my loot I had collected today..a gorgeous picnic basket and some mail from the mail room...I go to shut the truck door and...kerrrrrrsplaaaattt goes my coffee!!!  Now for most people you would say "oh well no big deal" but for me..seriously that is like losing a pint of IS a big deal to me!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!  It's not like I like right down the street from the coffee shop either and can just go grab another one..nope I am doomed to have no coffee today unless some wonderful person decides to grace me with one on their way home(total hint for Mr. M even though he doesn't read my blog)  Yupp no coffee and my O magazine just won't be the same I tell ya!!  Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!   Alas the day must go on and so shall*cringe*!!!!!

We had  a fabulous weekend that went well into the week it was really grand!!! I love it when Mr. M actually get some time off and we get to actually have fun as a family..together I mean!!

Saturday we had a birthday party and bbq in the park and it was sooo much fun and it was sooo nice to just sit and enjoy being with friends while the kids had stuff to do and of course an abundance of nummy food never hurts either!  The party started around noon and we didn't leave to head home until after 10pm..Woohooo for fab friends who throw fab parties!!
Sunday was the 4th of July fest in the park. Of course Mr. M had to work it so it was just me and the girls that day. We headed out early to get to play some of the games before it got too crowded...yay for us except the games SUUUUUUUCKED  this year!!  I was very very disappointed in what was all set up!! Sheeesh I mean it's a celebration of our independence and this was all for soldiers so what was the deal yo?!!!!  For real!!!  Still we had fun and the girls did all they wanted to and the fireworks were nice..yes just nice..and then we headed home around 11pm. Mr. M made it home a little after 1am...that was earlier then last year so yay for that!!

Monday we woke up early..bahaha yeah we woke up around 8am and were supposed to meet everyone and be ready to leave around 9am. Oh no we weren't late folks... late does not exist in Mr. M's me!!  I barely had my contacts in before he rushed us out of the house. Hence the reason DD2 was dressed horribly..Mr.M dressed her and I did not have time to put sunscreen on..Yupp ouchies for me!!!
We made it the meet spot and were headed out of there around 930am..oh yeah we were rushed only to get there and wait on others!! Hmmmmm?!!!!  So off we went to Tripsdrill!!  It is a fabulous amusement park about an hour away from us and we spent all day there. We were one of the last ones out when the park was closing and we were mad we missed some of the rides because they had already shut them down..boooo on the park for doing that!!!  It was so much fun and our group was all happy and exhausted and so headed home and had dinner out at the China buffet!

The first thing when you walk in the park is this swing ride! I love that it is on a Maypole!! Cute huh?!

You go inside this wind mill and climb all the way to the top and then slide down on it on a straw mat!! Too much fun and the kids were thrilled!

Little kids log ride..the parents were not allowed on it unless you were with a little rude eh?!!!

DD2's buddy for the day was 8 week old French cute and she was actually upset that she couldn't take her on the rides with her! LOL  Mr. M has now decided we can have a dog thanks to Princess...not sure about the price tag though..eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks!!!!

My buddy for the day..JrJr...he was so tired half way through the park and he wasn't allowed to ride barely any rides so we just hung out all day and then I put him to sleep..haha  yeah he was tired and yes I mean I rocked him to sleep..don't go crazy on me!! I love kids!!!

My absolute favorite ride there was the bathtub ride..yupp you actually ride in what looks like an old bathtub..Sooooooo much fun we went a few times!!!

Woohoooo for water rides on hot days at an amusement park!!  Hehe notice the kid pushing the mom off her lap!!

It was so much fun and then we headed home, ate some dinner with our group and showers and bed was very soon after!!

Tuesday was great since we finally had some time to just relax and appreciate being together. A short run to the commissary since I was so busy having fun last week I never went...whoooopsie!!! 
Now it's back to errands and cleaning and waiting for next weekend to see what we come up with next!!
Have a great hump day everyone and talk to you soon!!

Ohhh and P.S. anyone near me want to bring me another coffee?!!! LOL  Hey I can hope right?!!


Dazee Dreamer said...

Fun. I love amusement parks. And I bet that tub was a great heat reliever.

jayayceeblog said...

All the rides look like fun! Sorry to hear about the loss of your coffee ... I totally get it!!!

Maranda said...

OMG! I would be devastated if I spilled my coffee too! I knew there was a reason I liked you...we are coffee sisters!! LOL!!

Your pictures are great and it looks like you all had a great time (despite the burn). I'm so glad you had a wonderful weekend!!

Mom in High Heels said...

I don't drink coffee (I find it vile and disgusting), but I'm sad for you that you lost yours.
Indy is going to Tripsdrill with SAC in a few weeks. He's crazy excited.
BTW, is that your daughter in today's Herald Post? There's a big spread on the 4th activities and it looks like your daughter in the pie eating contest.

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