Monday, November 15, 2010

Furniture, Cruises and Christmas...OH MY

Ok so lately I have been a little busy, distracted, excited, confused, and just a weeeeeeeeee bit overwhelmed.  I know I know my blogging days are a little off but I really AM trying I promise!!!!

My biggest ventures these days are trying to find new furniture for my girls bedrooms, trying to find and book a cruise for us and of course somewhere in there we would like to take a cruise or two.

So first things first we have found a few different ideas for the new bedroom furniture for the girls. The only real hold up on getting it though really is weight. Yes I know that sounds strange and maybe even a little dumb but being in the military we have a weight allowance and are only allowed so much weight of our household good before we have to pay. Now why would I want to pay because the military decided I had to move right?!! I don't and that is the hold up.  You see we are in Europe and along with that comes tons of really cool stuff that we can buy and take with us back to the states that normally we would never even venture to buy while living in the States. So the question is do we buy this...

for the girls or do we keep buying things like this....

Ok I know what you are thinking...yeah for real I do!!  Of course get the cool stuff right...but am I being selfish?!!  I am so confused right now. Furniture is temporarily on hold for now until I can make up my mind I guess.

One thing is for sure though...we ARE going to take a cruise or two!!!  I have been looking online and have found some really great deals and am dying to actually book them. Yes Mr. M loves the idea of taking a cruise but honestly the thought of putting out that money makes him a little  ok a LOT pissy.  He loves to vacay don't get me wrong but he works hard for his money and so it is hard for him to part with in a large lump sums. I get it really I do but eventually he is going to have to give up the hold on the bank account and just let me book these cruises.
I have been looking at a few different ones and I think I have finally decided on these two and am sooo excited to get them booked and take them.

The first one has an agenda of..
1     Savona          
2     Civitavecchia            
3     Palermo, Sicily            
4     Tunis            
5     Palma de Mallorca            
6     Barcelona            
7     Marseille            
8     Savona 

while the second one has an agenda of..
1     Savona          
2     At Sea            
3     Katakolon    
4     Piraeus    
5     Izmir    
6     At Sea            
7     Ashdod    
8     Port Said / Alexandria
9     At Sea            
10     At Sea            
11     Civitavecchia    
12     Savona 

Mr. M is not so keen on the second one but honestly I am and since I have spent months upon months looking for these deals and waiting and searching and hunting and talking and emailing everyone I could think of for advice then he WILL deal with his thoughts and have a fabulous time.

I really do think that we will have a grand time and I am excited to see the girls faces when we actually get to the boat and start having a fabulous time.

Now the last part of this blog is....*looking around*....Christmas.  Oh dear friends I have not even begun to shop for this year. Usually I am done by the end of October but this year for some reason I am so busy and honestly a little confused as to what to even get the girls let alone Mr. M.  I am at a LOSS!!!  I have never been at a loss but then again maybe it has something to do with the fact that we made a decision to not spend money frivalously and to try our hardest to save up for travels while we are here in Europe. I just can't wrap my head around spending oodles of money on my girls when they don't need or seriously want for anything.  What do you get kids that have everything and every time I ask them "what do you want for Christmas?" they say "I don't know" Sooooo not helpful girls..just saying!!!

So who knows what I will do for Christmas but something needs to be decided on soon..ughhhhhh!!!  Any ideas are soo much appreciated ladies!!! REALLY!!  SERIOUSLY!!! PLEASSSSSSSSSEEEE HELP ME!!!


Queenie Jeannie said...

Hugs!! You sound a bit stressed out! For Christmas I'd keep it simple. DON'T be like me and buy so much that they're likely to just get overwhelmed!! Encourage they're hobbies/passions/creative outlets. And books!! BOOKS ROCK!!

Good luck!

Mom in High Heels said...

Oh, I like cruise number 2! What is the cruise line?
If you guys want a FAB cruise at an even more FAB price, you should do the Disney Med cruise next year. They don't have the 2011 military rates out yet, but should soon. We did the 11 night cruise for $2200 (for all 3 of us) in a cabin with a view. Regular price was more than $6K! My friend booked the same cruise (inside cabin-no porthole) when kids were free (I missed that by 1 day!), and for 4 adults and 2 kids (2 connecting cabins) it was $2700! They run the 11 night in May, June and July. The do the same cruise, minus one day at sea (10 nights) twice in June, twice in July, 3 times in Aug and twice in Sept. It was AMAZING. We're going to do it again next year in July. Email me if you have questions about it. Disney rocks!
BTW, at Chivitavecchia, there is a train station about 10 (walking) minutes from the port and you can get tickets (at the end of the dock is a tourist office, so get tickets first) for 9 Euro round trip to Rome. It is so much cheaper than taking excursions!
I love the white furniture! So pretty! Stupid weight allowances. Are you guys even close? We were under our limit by more than 4K pounds, even with James Bond's motorcycle. Still, weight limits! Gah!

High Heeled Life said...

Unless you absolutely are hearting the bedroom suites (which are fabulous BTW)... go for the crystal it s something that can be passed down in generations to come ~ and will come with great stories and memories.

Fingers crossed for your cruise!!!

Though we do not have our won children to shop for ~ we do have a fairly long list of friend's and family children we by for. Who like most children, have everything .. this year we are taking the $$ value of each child's gift and buying something for a child/ family/ or community - in the gifted child's name - through Plan Canada and World Vision, both which we sponsor children through. We are trying to bring the real meaning of Christmas Giving back... xo HHL

Dazee Dreamer said...

give them a piece of coal. :) give them a card saying they are going on a cruise.

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