Monday, November 22, 2010

What a weekend!! Let me tell you...

All about how my weekend went. I am sure you will be following along, grasping your IS that good!!  Yeah ok so I tend to think my life is completely exciting but really you should too..just saying!!

So Friday night we had a dinner and wine tasting with the local spouses club. I was so excited to that it was a dinner and therefor Mr. M could go with me. I had to get his clothes out and demand he go but still....he really HATES social events!  So we got dressed and went out. The night started out good and we were tasting some great wines and walking around talking to people and looking at all the stuff I would love to buy but of course that is for a luncheon when Mr. M doesn't have to see how much it all really costs. We kind of have this deal you see..I buy and tell him nothing of the price and he tells me whether he loves or hates whatever I have bought. It works out great for us! I get to buy what I want and he gives me an honest answer not based on price. TADAAAAA!!!  Yupp we are hilarious I told ya!!
So anywho  we were sitting there enjoying ourselves chatting with some friends at our table when it came time to get the food. Now for all of you who do not know us personally then you probably don't know that Mr. M is HIGHLY allergic to fish!!!! So let me just say that the gravy covered fish was hard to recognize and Mr. M put a big scoop of it on his plate only to spend the next few hours gasping for air, gagging and almost passing out.  The night started so well and ended up pretty sucky!  It was nice to get out but I was so worried about Mr. M that the rest of the night I just got more and more pissed that the food was not labeled!  If you are not going to label food then you need to give a menu to your guests so that this kind of thing never happens. It was horrible and I was so scared for him. He is fine now and it took a lot of meds and some serious tlc.

Ok so let's move on to Saturday now.  We woke up and saw it was going to be a sunny beautiful day so we called up some friends and headed out to see a castle and gardens we had yet to go to even though it is a 20 minute drive from our house..yupp I never said we were geniuses people!!  We had  a blast and even though we missed the inside the castle tours so we will be going back in Spring to go inside and see the gardens all green and not covered for the winter. Even with all of that though it was gorgeous and we had a fabulous time!!

As you can see it really was pretty but all of the statues were covered in these wooden boxes so it will be nice to see it all with everything out in the open and not covered. I will definitely update the pics when we go back next year.
So once we left the castle we strolled around town for a little really is an adorable town and I found my jeweler there to fix my watch..waaaahooooo!!!   So we then headed to get a bite to eat. I discovered a new favorite drink. It's called Miami Ice and ladies let me tell you..if you love strawberry daquiris and pina coladas then this is the drink for you because it is both of them combined..yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmyyyy!!! Omg it was so good and I didn't want to have just one. We then headed over to the bowling alley with some more friends and had a blast spending the rest of the night bowling, laughing and having a grand time!

That leaves us with Sunday. Now on Sunday the plan was to get the living room rearranged so that we would have room to put up the Christmas tree. It took a little longer to rearrange things..Mr. M and I are so bad about once we get something started then we want to keep going. We decided to rearrange the living room, dining room and our bedroom..yupp looney bus was definitely in our house!!  After all of that we got the tree put up and ornaments on and then realized we had forgotten the candy canes. So off to the store we went to buy some. Today I will be finishing up the tree and decorating the living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom for Christmas.  What??!!  You don't put your tree up early like we do!!  Don't be jealous just get yours up too!! :) Next weekend instead of having to decorate for Christmas I will be hitting some Christmas markets and shopping and exploring my buns off so ya'll have fun now ya hear!! 

So that was my fun and eventful weekend! I hope you all had a great weekend and I would love to hear about it!


High Heeled Life said...

What a full and adventerous week-end!!! Glad the Mr. came to his senses and joined in. Certainly he had more fun then he mayhave lend on. ;) Yeah for Christmas tree .. after its up one seems to enjoy the festive activities in a more relaxed way. Happy Christmas shopping..xo HHL

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