Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Post it note Tuesday and a few pics..

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Ok so yesterday was a little bit busy since we went again hunting down more second hand shops around here so I never really did update on our trip to France. I have a few pics to show you of some stuff I got and I will just combine it with post it notes since I love them too much to just skip it for a day!! :)

Here are a few pics from this past weekend..

Ok so this is leaning up against the wall because we haven't put it up yet but how cute is that shelf?!  I love it to death!! Yes it is real solid wood and heavy but oh so cute. I will show it to you once we get it put up and decorated.

Ok so I bought these old French books and this old looking box. I thought they were cute and I have this whole decor idea in my head of when we actually get back to the States and  I can set up all my goodies from our travels.  I want to set up all my mini monuments like the Eiffel tower, arc de triomphe, etc along with some old books from that country and our travel books and maps together.  It's my idea and in my head it looks good so don't judge my craziness ya'll!

Ok so there were tons of things that I really wanted to get while we were in France but alas we ran out of truck space. Another trip is planned and soon so that we may bring 2 trucks this time and load up on all the goodies.

Have a grand day and don't forget to go hook up with the post it note crew and start having some fun of your own!!


Aphrodite's Mortal Friend (ME) said...

I love scavenging around vintage shops ... never have enough time to do it though- happy Tuesday!

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

I heard Spring is coming early! OH I cannot wait for sunshine!

<3, New Follower

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