Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's Wednesday and I forgot my post its!!!!

So yesterday started out with me taking DD2 to school to then go into the teacher's lounge for a PTA meeting. That meeting lasted until around 9:30 and then I walked to my truck and headed to the middle school to go to a PTSA meeting which lasted until around 12:30 and then standing around talking afterwards I ended up getting back home around 1:10. So I started checking and answering emails and finishing up some business for both organizations for the 40 minutes I had until I had to go back and pick up DD2.
Once we were home I then got a phone call telling me that dance class was cancelled. No big deal right?! Well actually YES it was a big deal!!!!  You see DD1 did not ride the bus home from school because she was going to walk over to the dance studio instead and meet us there. All of which is not near our home or some place where I could tell her to just come home. So we got in the truck and had to go get her...Ughhhhh!! 
Once we got home we started making the cupcakes that I had to have done by this morning to take to school with DD2. They turned out gorgeous and we are pretty proud of ourselves for getting them done but seriously the time it took to make them....RIDICULOUS!!

Cute right?!  I really like them but cutting the marshmallows in half one by one and then dipping them into the sugar..holy cow I thought I was never going to be done with it!!!

Oh yeah and btw did I happen to mention that while we were making these gorgeous cupcakes I was also making dinner which included home made potatoe salad.  You know peeling, slicing, cutting, and boiling potatoes.  Oyyyyy sometimes I think I ask for it!!

So that was my crazy busy Tuesday and hopefully next week I will remember to do my post it's...oh wait next week I will be in Berlin!!

We will be leaving on Sunday to go to Berlin for Spring break and I won't be back for a few days.  I will have tons of pics to share with you and a lot of things to tell you so be ready!!!

Happy hump day everyone!!


Brandi said...

Following back from Military Monday :) LOVE LOVE LOVE the cupcakes! Seriously wish I had the patience to do something fabulous like that.

Katy said...

oh wow, those cupcakes look amazing! I hope my DDs never need to bring baked goods baking skills are surely lacking!

Thanks for visiting me from the military blog hop! Following you back!

Savanna Lynne said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm following back

♥Mama of the Littles♥ said...

Following you back from the monday military blog hop!! :)

Cassie said...

Those are the most amazing cupcakes I have ever seen in my entire life.

Joan said...

Those are some awesome cupcakes&you must be the most patient person ever! If I didn't mention it before, thanks for following me!

April said...

hi dear!

thanks so much for linking up with the military monday bloghop. i hope you can make it back next week, as well!

these look DELICIOUS! you should definitely be proud of yourselves!


Jennifer Bowen said...

Those cupcakes are absolutely fantastic! May be a good side business for you and your girls. When can I place my order? ;)

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