Sunday, July 3, 2011

Greek cruise...part 7

I know you all are probably wondering what happened and why I was not on here like clock work putting out the rest of our cruise and the trip and let me begin by saying I am sorry but there is a good reason.  You see on Friday I had a dental appointment and it turned out to be more then I anticipated it to be and let's just say I have been on heavy drugs since Friday morning and not feeling well at all.  Honestly I will be so grateful when I can actually eat food that doesn't have to be something I don't have to chew and can just swallow...owwwww!!!!  So yes I am a little late with my posts but my mouth was kind of being the boss for a few days.  I just hope I fell well enough tomorrow to join in on the festivities like we always do..cross your fingers for me that my mouth will let me have a good day please!!!!

So on the cruise we are at the second day at sea and of course like the first we enjoyed the pool, great food, another great show, some casino time. family game time and even better was the buffet they made...yupp I am talking about the chocoholic buffet that ran from 7pm until midnight!!! It. Was. Devine!!!!!!!!

 There were so many gorgeous chocolate sculptures..

 As well as some really cool ice sculptures too...

 This was our favorite thing. They had cake pops as well as fruit kabobs that we could dip into the chocolate fountain and it was sooooooooooooooooo good!!

One of my favorites because of the design as well as the colors.  I could never do this kind of stuff but I love to look at it.  Sadly though we were not allowed to eat any of the sculptures which made us all VERY sad!!  It was fabulous though and we all left the dining room wishing we had skipped that last chocolate pie or cupcake....soo good and yet our tums we took after NOT chocolate coated..

So then tomorrow I will show you Venice, Italy which is where our cruise ended and we spent a day in Venice just trying to cover as much as we could. Venice is huge and gorgeous and so neat getting from place to place in boats instead of street cars....fabulous!!!


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