Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A super fast catch up..picture heavy!!

Ok so things around here have been super duper hectic, and really busy. Let me start with the fact that right now I am taking a break from packing...a much needed break too...but we will get to the travelling soon enough.

Ok first of all my trip to Garmisch was amazing and fabulous and exhausting and very informative. I however do not have any pics to share with you because my dumb a** forgot my camera...can you say I need an Iphone now?!?!!?  So anywho it was great and then the next weekend was filled with catching a show at the theater, a birthday party and legoland deutchland.  I LOVE going to the theater and especially love that my girls love it too!!  We got to see Crazy for you and it was just fantastic.
 The next day we headed off to Legoland..yiippeeee!! I adore Legoland and the one here is even better then the one in California. They had so many rides we spent all day there and still didn't get to ride all of them.

 Can you see me?!?! Haha it was so much fun!!

So then let's move onto the closing ceremony for DD2's elementary school.  I was so sad to see the school closing because I liked the smaller class sizes but I guess all good things must come to an end. The kids sang songs and it was a beautiful ceremony..

 Yeah she is a total ham if she sees a camera pointed at her!!
 Look minisoldiers...ok ok they are highschool rotc soldiers but I really think they look like minisoldiers dont you?!?!

DD2's favorite part was the bbq afterwards and the cupcakes that she said "a lion cub walked on and left a footprint"  Soo cute!!

So then we have to go to DD2's dance recital for her hip hop class. She LOVES this class and I love the fact that she is so passionate about it..

 Seriously how cute are they?!?!
 She was concentrating so hard she forgot to smile! lol
One of my favorite moves they did.  It was a fabulous recital and I was so proud of DD2. She did a fabulous job and even had a friend give her flowers afterwards!!  You go girl!!

Now that would lead us pretty much up to today..yes I skipped some stuff but I was afraid to completely bore you.  I do however have to tell you that when I am all done packing up our bags we will be leaving early early Saturday morning to drive to Venice, Italy and catch our cruise ship to the Greek Island!!  I am SO excited and I promise I will NOT forget my camera on this one!!  So you all can look forward to more fun and gorgeous pics when I return.

Oh and just in case I have lost anyone due to my crazy hiatis because I done locked myself out of the blogger page....come back ya'll ya hear?!?!??!?!!!!!


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