Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trips, trip and.....more trips!!

So Mr. M and I have realized that we have less then a year left overseas and are trying to take full advantage of it in any way we possibly can.  So we have started looking up places to visit and planning our trips to the best of our abilities. Of course with the military there is always that little issue of "will they give us the leave for those dates?" but I think we have a pretty good handle on it now and we are moving ahead with any and all plans.

So far we have a nice weekend trip to Garmisch planned in August, a trip to Octoberfest in October, a cruise from Barcelona for next April, Christmas in London, and Carnivale in Venice. I am working on a day trip for just Mr. M and myself to Paris. I ADORE Paris!!!!!  We went a while ago but in case you didn't follow me back then or have forgotten we lost ALL of our pics from the entire trip!!  For some reason my old camera...we call her the devil...decided to format herself sometime between the last picture we took and when we got back home. We arrived home and I hooked her up to the laptop and all it would say was "no images"!!  O.M.G.  I was devastated to say the least!!  So we have been talking about a repeat trip ever since. Finally I just decided it would be so nice to do a couples day just Mr. M and I in Paris and so I am planning it..shhhh he doesn't know!!  I love to surprise him....even though it is really hard since he has to put in for leave or pass to go that far but I will get it all planned and speak with his people at work and make sure my dates are good and then tell him last minute to turn in the paperwork...taaaadaaaaa!!! Yupp I am that good ya'll!!!

So other then those little trips we are making some small weekend trips to get out and see more of Europe before we have to leave it.  I really really want to go to Copenhagen, Denmark but not sure if that will come to life or not. Cross your fingers that all we have planned go through and that we are able to find more things to do to take full advantage of our time here.

I want to share a few pics with you that I took the other day...well.....just because I think they are beautiful...

 Nothing can make you smile more then a I right?!?!

It was a double one and I had a hard time getting pics because the clouds were moving really fast but it's still gorgeous!

Ok happy hump day everyone and I will see you when I see you!!


Mom in High Heels said...

Hey, I saw that rainbow!!!
Where are you staying when you go to Oktoberfest? We stayed at a FABULOUS German hotel in Garmisch (cheaper than Edelweiss with a great b'fast included) and then took the train to Munich (€30 for up to 5 people round trip). It was so much cheaper than staying in Munich (plus, hello, Garmisch!). If you want the info, let me know.
We're hoping to go to London for a week next month (I've got info on cheap flights and decent hotels if you're interested), but of course it all depends on James Bond getting leave. Stupid Army. Don't they know we need to travel?????

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