Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ok ok close your mouth..yes I am ACTUALLY here!! :)

I have so much to catch up with and I am sorry I have been a little absent lately.  In the past few weeks I have been to an American Rodeo here in Germany, been through the loss of friends due to stupidity, super busy trying to figure out to work a website that I am clueless on but have to say in my defense I am doing pretty good for a newbie, and traveling to Garmisch and Austria.

So hopefully you will understand why I have been absent but let's start out with some really cool pics....

 My first rodeo and it was in a foreign country..haha!!

The bull riding was soooo cool!!

Even though it poured down rain on us for the most part we had a blast!! Great music and horses who could wrong with that right?!?!

So then we had a long busy week filled with tons of work, drama and stuff I am really just trying to sorry no details because I am SOOO over it!!!

We then got ready to leave on our fabulous little get away. All packed and Mr. M on leave we headed to Munich...

 Oh come on...did you not see that one coming?!?!  Of course we went to Hard Rock Cafe!!
 Who would pass up good food in a different city ever?!?!  Not me!!
 Our total luck that it was right on the walkplatz and across the street from the Hoffbrauhaus...yippeeeee!!!!
Good food and shopping...hells yeahhhh!!!!!

So then once we were full and had sufficiently decreased our Euro we headed out to Garmisch..

 The gorgeous view from our hotel room balcony. Let me tell you it just got more and more beautiful each day whether it was day or night!
 Of course I had to bet Mr. M that he could not drink a whole yard-o-beer by himself and being the competetive man he is he took the bet....ok I thought he would chicken out...MY BAD!!!
 Fortunate for me he was not able to finish it all..he says he was too full. This is the fail picture!!  Tisk tisk Mr. M!!!
 The next day we headed to Austria to the Swarovski crystal museum. It was pretty cool and cheap to get in.  I made Mr. M very happy by not buying anything in the shop though..he is so lucky!! :)
 Taj Mahal made out of crystal..very cool!!
 We then headed back to Garmisch and decided to stroll around town. It was so pretty and everyone was so happy and nice!
 Love this building!!!
 The next day we woke up to rain and so we took some chill time and watched movies in the hotel room and then once the rain stopped we headed out to show DD2 some castles.  Here is Hohenschwangua..then Neuschwanstein..
 Views from the Mary bridge
I just love this castle and was so happy to be able to show both my girls.  What girl doesn't want to see a real princess castle right?!?! They were thrilled and I was beaming from ear to ear.. such a proud mama!!

So now I am off again to get a whole lot of work done and deal with some things that need to just be dealt with. Wish me luck and I will be back as soon as I can I promise!!


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